Why do hospitality people need money more than others? Aren’t they eligible for JobSeeker/Keeper payments like everyone else? Aren’t we all doing it tough?

Unfortunately, the government’s stimulus packages can’t cover the entire population. JobKeeper and JobSeeker stimulus packages can’t fail to address fundamental issues that people are experiencing (and for some, were already experiencing). They are integral to the Australian hospitality industry, but International workers in Australia on temporary (and in some cases, permanent) visas are, in particular, not being supported through this time, through no fault of their own. Funds donated to TipJar would primarily be distributed to these vulnerable hospitality workers, who are without a paycheck, without government assistance, and without help.


How are the donations allocated?

60% of your donations are allocated through our partners: StreetSmart, Covid-19 EAD, Scarf Community, and Frontline Meals – Operation Thank You.  These are social enterprises with vast experiences in recognising and helping vulnerable and in-need audiences. 30% of your donations are given directly to people in need through TipJar, and 10% will go towards spreading awareness of TipJar in our online community, and maximising our chances of raising as much money as possible, and feeding as many people in our community as possible.

How will this save Australia’s food & beverage landscape?

It may not seem obvious, but we believe that it’s actually pretty simple.
TipJar will be saving the food and beverage landscape of Australia by supporting the people who have helped build it into what it is today. The waiters, chefs, kitchen hands and others, both foreign and local, full-time and casual. These are the people that have created the industry that has contributed so much, not just to our economy but to the enrichment of our daily lives. By supporting these people and enabling them to survive the COVID crisis (as we are all trying to), we’re keeping our industry alive while its doors are closed.


Is there a timeline? How long will the campaign last? Will you give out money straight away?

From analysing forecasts, monitoring government announcements, and discussing with our peers, we anticipate the TipJar fund to support those vulnerable individuals for the next six months. Within this timeline, we assume we will have the capacity to distribute funding on a monthly basis from June 12th (should TipJar exceed our predicted targets, we will, of course, be able to distribute funds on a more timely basis).


How can people sign up for direct support if they are in need?

If you’re a hospitality worker directly affected directly by COVID-19 and want access to the assistance, just reach out to us via the Worksmith contact form, and we’ll get back to you with next steps as soon as we can.