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What is Tip Jar?

We’re a fund dedicated to helping support the future generation of hospitality workers here in Australia. Funded by Worksmith and StreetSmart Australia, we raise funds and distribute them across social enterprises all around the country. Our goal is to have the dual impact of providing job-training to vulnerable people to help end the cycles of poverty and homelessness, as well as ensuring a strong future workforce for our hospitality industry.

So, come on Australia, lend a hand and help save the hospitality industry and the individuals who contribute so greatly to it.

If there was ever a time to give a tip, it’s right now!


About Worksmith

Worksmith connects and supports the food, beverage and hospitality industries through resources, buying power and opportunities.

Worksmith founded Tip Jar Fund during the height of COVID-19 in 2020 to support those who needed it most – especially those in the hospitality sector that no longer had work and were not directly supported by government resources.

Worksmith continues to be a source of connection for the hospitality industry and will continue to reinforce their mandate to grow, hospitality, together.

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About StreetSmart

Founded in 2003, the team at StreetSmart believes everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home. Streetsmart has an unrivalled nineteen-year track record of community engagement to raise funds and awareness for smaller grassroots homeless services in both metropolitan and regional areas of Australia. The key to StreetSmart’s success has been their ability to activate the broader community to support local responses to homelessness.

To date, StreetSmart has raised and distributed more than $11 million across 1,092 community and homeless frontline services.

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Our Partners

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