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Tip Jar Australian Hospitality Future Fund

Welcome to TipJar

If there was ever a time to give a tip, it’s now!
TipJar came about with a pretty simple mission, to support the next generation of Australia’s hospitality industry. This social enterprise movement focuses on upskilling, training and mentoring the future crew of the industry.

Any tip, no matter how big or small, will help vulnerable people become our hospitality gurus.

How the jar empties…

Collaboration is how we accomplish change. In both metropolitan and regional areas of across Australia, we are proud to partner with social enterprises, directly funding the next generation of chefs, kitchen hands and other vital venue staff trained and ready. While also providing vulnerable people the tools to be job-ready and lift themselves out of the cycles of poverty and homelessness.


 TipJar grants help people access program that provide support like:

  • Paid work experience in hospitality sector
  • Mentored and supervised hands-on experience in a workplace
  • Barista training course
  • Food handling certificate
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Job application support
  • Career coaching
  • Interview skill development

Our Supporting Partners